Congressional Review - Search how funds are gathered by members of Congress. - Track how much a candidate has spent and how much they have on hand. - See who is giving money and who they are giving it to. - Tracks congressional salaries, trip expendatures, and legislative activity. - Tracks the relationship between special interest groups. - Focusing on donations give at the state Congressional level. - Federal Elections Commission home page with daily news. - Committee on House Administration

Congressional Dissatisfaction

Tea Party Patriots - Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government, Free Market

9-12 Project - Reunite America (9 Principles, 12 Values)

Re-Tea Party - Organizing the groups behind the Tea Parties

Clean Up Washington - Seeks to get rid of special interest peddling

Project Vote Smart - Nonpartisan info on elected officials voting records

Downsize DC - Decrease the size of government

The People Decide - Allows you to vote on every piece of legislation

We The People Congress - Constitutionsl Activists

Vote of No Confidence - Advocates voting for the challenger in all races

Campaign For Liberty - Focusing on individual liberty and Constitutional values

Tenure Corrupts - Advocates term limits

Give Congress Back - Congress has its lowest approval rating ever

The Do Nothing Congress - A look at what Congress is NOT doing

Change Congress - A movement to build support for basic reform

Clean Elections - Focused on campaign reform

Sunlight Foundation - Learn what our elected officials are doing

Citizens In Action - They favor booting them all out

Independence Caucus - Seeks to identify new candidates.

Most Corrupt Congressmen - See who is under investigation and who has been indicted.

The Dumb Ole East Texas Boy Blog - A humerous look at Washington

Watch Blog - Opinions and commentary, from all sides

Source Watch - Members of Congress under investigation

Pink Slip My Rep - Send your Congressman a pink slip

Stamppeeve - Contact all sitting elected officials

Issues / Party Information - Info freely available to the public through the Library of Congress - Allows you to vote on various bills in a thumbs up/down manner. - Lets you compose a letter & send it to all officials that represent you - Political clearing house with list and description of politial parties - Link list and newsfeed aggregator focusing on third parties. - Centralized news source focused on minor parties - Look up candidates and see where they stand on a multitude of issues - Compares candidates in a simplified grid format - Gives you a visual image of how the blogoshere is reacting to the issues - Tracking all the candidates and issues that will shape this election cycle - A collection of blogs from across the country - Blog of Richard Winger, leading expert on ballot access in the US - Leading national advocate for election process reform - Get Out Of Our House; plan to evict all 435 member of the House - Save the economy - Join the fastest growing network of activists in the country! - Site promoting self education for patriot minded individuals

SouthSound Tea Party - Unite and educate citizens

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